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Ferndale, WA


9:00 a.m.– Dark
(Closed Sunday)


1197 Willeys Lake Road
Ferndale, WA 98248



Open now for 2023!

Please Take Note!

    • We accept cash or check only.
    • Please bring your own bags/boxes to take your apples home in. We typically have a small quantity of boxes that you can use, but you shouldn’t count on it. We have very, very few bags this year because of the new laws restricting their use.
    • For orders of 100 pounds or more . . . add up the total cost based on the type of apple and then take 25% off that price.

    & PRICING 

    Red Free ($1.00/lb)

         Sold Out!

    Akane ($1.00/lb)

        Ready Now!

    Gala ($1.50/lb)

        Sold Out!

    Honey crisp ($1.75/lb)

        Ready Now!

     Jonagold ($1.00/lb)

        Ready Now!

    Cox Orange PipPin ($1.50/lb)

        Sold Out!

    Fuji ($1.00/lb)

        Ready September 25

    Ambrosia ($1.50/lb)

          Ready September 25

    Sunrise Magic ($1.50/lb)

          Ready September 25

    cosmic CRISP ($1.75/LB)

        Not Available     

    Crimson Crisp ($1.75/LB)
    Ready Now!

    Arkansas Black ($1.75/lb)
    Ready September 28







    A Message from the Owners

    Our Sm’Apples are big and juicy! You’re going to love picking and eating lots of them! So come on out! Bring your whole family and some friends! Enjoy a wonderful time in the great outdoors!

    We give thanks to our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who created this beautiful world that includes such wonderful delights!!!

    Big and beautiful . . . Crisp and tasty


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